Movement and Growth

The fruit of living in constant motion.

Living here, there and sometimes in-between. Constantly discipling young missionaries and developing ministry project for the sake of transformation inside communities, individuals and nations.

We’ve had such a wild and fulfilling life together over the past 14 years. This year has been full of good reminders of God’s call on our family. We have faced many uncertainties and several challenges this year, but through the haze and pain of challenge we have seen God’s favor and hand on our life. There have been moments of looking back and counting the cost, remembering the things we chose to lay down to chase after the dreams of God; the stability of home, comfort of friends and family, and the fantasy of normalities. With all things considered, Katrina and I find it a pure joy to get the chance to see young adults come to know Jesus Christ, gain a biblical worldview, and then be launched into some of the most spiritually dry and physically exhausting places.


Seven years ago when we started urban missions training schools there were only eight staff members in the cities we represent. Currently we have more than 50 full time missionaries serving in what we call the Urban Initiative. We are still discipling and training new missionaries but, we are also coaching teams of full-time missionaries in multiple urban cities. In addition, we are inspired to dream of new locations that God has laid on our hearts in which to start developing transformational projects. The vision of Jesus being famous inside of urban environments throughout the world is burning like a Colorado wild fire in our hearts! Multiplying ministries like what we’ve built in New Orleans that share the Gospel and God’s mercy with individuals from the womb (our Pregnancy Care Center) to the tomb (our hospice care) and all thats in between, as well as working in many influential spheres of society. We dream of this model being vastly multiplied for the sake of others knowing Jesus as their savior. This is the vision that empowers us to want to live in a RV trailer that will give us access to urban communities and teams that believe in this same vision. That vision is Jesus and His transformational truth that ignites life and hope to societies and individuals. Please continue to pray for us as we continue embarking on this call to make Jesus famous!



Rodger Kistler



How to be a partner with the Kistler’s motorhome project. 

All Youth With A Mission (YWAM) full-time missionaries are completely funded by individuals and churches. Would you consider partnering with our family to secure a consistent home, while we are impacting urban communities with the gospel of Jesus.

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